aXop1mWjHello! I’m Sandy, a 20-something year old living in Toronto, Canada. I am a business professional who has a passion for traveling to explore new cultures, meet open-minded locals and travelers, admire amazing views and sights, wander the streets to discover unexpected neighbourhoods, taste all sorts of cuisine, experience the unique nightlife and all that a country has to offer.

I am an avid snowboarder, enjoys fitness, an outdoors type of person, adventure seeker (maybe even an adrenaline junkie), selective introvert, food lover, party goer and I try to travel whenever I find an opportunity. This blog contains my travel stories and experiences to places I have been to thus far.

In my spare time you can find me hanging out at a local Starbucks, perusing through blogs, reddit and current events, catching up with friends over food, board games or at parties. I tend to be trying to offset my weekend’s calorie consumption at the gym or just seeking new activities to participate in. I have also been fascinated in learning Spanish, anyone care to teach me?

I am always looking for ways to improve. For any questions, comments or suggestions on a topic you would like me to post, please leave a message:


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